More T-town Racing……….

August 20, 2007

OK, so we’ve raced three out of the four races here in T-town, with one more to go! 

We raced the International Sprint GP on last Tuesday.  I haven’t done much work on 200m’s (ie. max speed), so I was interested to see where I was.  I qualified with 11.93, which put me second position behind Anna Meares, with 11.6.  Then it was Kerrie Meares with 11.9, but just a bit slower than myself.   Everything was easy until the semi’s, where I was up against Kerrie.  She is one of the craftiest women in the world, so I had to have a good plan.  I went to the front and track stood.  Kerrie left a lot of distance between the two of us, so after the stand still, I rolled off and with a lap and a quarter to go, I took off!  She chased me furiously, but I took the win!  Then I was up against the World Record Holder in the final!  Anna seems to always be on form, no matter what time of year!  With such a speed difference, I had to use my best tactics.  I drew 2nd position and took a run at Anna with 200m’s to go………… and it was a bike throw to the line!  She won with about a half a wheel.  Then the second ride I took the lead, and it was no contest, with Anna coming over the top, clearly with more speed.  It was a great night of racing and fun as well!



Back to T-town!

August 11, 2007

Just arrived T-town a few days ago, just in time for one of the hottest & humid days ever!  The guys (Travis, Adam & Josiah) and myself were  supposed to stay 20min. away from the track with one AC unit!  Yeah, right!  I cracked after one night of three hours of sleep and opted to stay at Fred & Hilda’s (Phoenix Timing) pad next to the velodrome.  Fresh sheets, an automatic Saeco esspresso machine and a well stocked industrial style kitchen 😉  And well equipped with central air!  I think this place will suit me just fine for the next few weeks..

We had the first night of racing last night- the Festival of Speed.   There are quite a few internationals here and it almost makes it feel like a World Cup.  The Aussies, Dutch, Kiwis, and South Americans.  I raced the Keirin yesterday with two women to watch out for-the aussie duo of Anna Meares & Kerrie Meares.  I drew 5th position from the line and got that same position after a bit of bumping with Kerrie.  I tried to split the sisters, but it didn’t happen.  I knew that if Anna lead it out and Kerrie swept, more than likely I wouldn’t be able to get around them both.  As the motor pulled off, I went underneath Kerrie in an attempt to get on Anna’s wheel, but as I went under Kerrie, Anna moved up just enough that I couldn’t get between them and so instead, I went under both of them!  Nobody was committing at the front, so I started to wind it up and pass over 1 & 2, while trying to hold off Anna & Kerrie.  Anna took a good run and came over with her sis in tow!  Kerrie & I fought for 2nd with Kerrie beating me to the line and Anna taking the win.   My form isn’t too great yet, but this is quality racing & training for the World Cups.

In a few days, I’ll be racing the International Sprint GP where I’ll race Match Sprints.  It will be good to see how my accelleration & power is coming along……….


Colorado Springs Training Camp ;P

July 9, 2007

Well, I just finished a two week training camp, ending with the UCI Independence Day Grand Prix.  It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time, while working so hard.  For about a week, I participated in the Women’s Team Pursuit Camp, headed by Andy Sparks.  There were seven women there:  Kristen Armstrong (World TT Champion), Lauren Franges, Cori Seehafer, Katie Compton,  Kim Geist, Brook Miller and myself.  I hadn’t been in aero bars for about ten years, so it was a little weird to try and get power from that position, although Sarah Hammer and Andy told me that I actually looked quite aero!  Good to know 😉  We started off with doing lots of flying 1500’s and standing 2000m’s.  We didn’t get too caught up in being efficient at the technical stuff and just put the power down to get a training response.  My job was to try and drop the road girls off my wheel during my pull on the front!  I managed to gap Kristen and she told me that she isn’t exactly used to being dropped off a wheel, but I am sure she’d have me gapped a bit more in a road TT! 

It was a really motivating atmosphere and all of these women were really excited to be a part of such a great training group.  And since the women’s team pursuit is going to be a new event in the 2008 World Championships, everyone wants to have a go at being a part of what could be an incredible team.  I was the only “sprinter” at the camp and was mainly there to give the group a little more power and push the limit with speed.  Andy wanted the girls to increase their power during this short camp and if I could possibly help in that, it was good.   The focus was on the road nationals coming up this week for the women, and for me, since I am in my preperation phase, it didn’t hurt me. 

I finished the camp with racing the UCI GP in the sprints and keirin.  I was quite tired after such different training, but it went ok and I road an 11.5 200m TT.  It wasn’t bad, considering my fatigue level and the cold weather conditions.  The racing wasn’t world class, but there were a few internationals there, so I gained some valuable UCI points.

Here are a few pics from the trip………………….




T-town Race Update

June 21, 2007

Ok, it feels like I’ve been super busy since I’ve been in T-town and I haven’t been much of a computer junkie 😉 I’ve raced two UCI races thus far and have one more tomorrow (Friday). Last friday was the Keirin and a few bunch races and yesterday was a full sprint tournament. Hartwell has done a pretty good job at trying to bring in international riders for these races, but it’s still lacking in the women’s field. Christin Muche is here and she is a World Class rider, so I was still excited to race. Although, without 6 world class women, the dynamics in the keirin aren’t the same. I drew 4 th position with Muche getting right on my wheel. When the motor pulled, the pace didn’t go as high as normal, so I went over the top with 500m to go. I controlled the speed and gave it a good run to the line, but Muche got me on the line! Then to the Sprints a few days later…………the first day we got in the 200m and the evening brought a huge rain storm! It was such a relief though, because it was soooooooo hot here and our housing doesn’t have AC! The next day was fantastic weather and I was feeling excited to race. In the first ride against Muche, I took the lead from Muche in turn 3 a lap to go and controlled the speed, keeping Much in sight and not committing to full speed. She took a run out of 2, but I held her on the hip and went for the line in a photo finish! And won! Ride 2 was almost identical, but she got me at the line. Then to a final ride where I decided to try a new trick 😉 I drew 1st position, but forced Muche to the front with a track stand. I pushed from behind going into turn 2, Muche left the door open and I dove for the lane. We went down the back straight side by side and before the turn, she left no room for me underneath and closed the lane. I would have crashed if I had went for it on the inside and since this is a small race in comparison to the season, I backed out. The officials talked about it for 10minutes and decided that they would keep it as so because the corner offical said my move was too fast that he didn’t see it! Ok, never heard that before, but that is how it goes sometimes. Too bad the officials weren’t awake! At the end of the day, it was great racing and I had a blast ;P

Here’s a pic of my teammates and me at a yummie dinner……………


Stuck in Chicago!

June 13, 2007

What a crazy two days! I was in the process of traveling to T-town to chase Olympic points and haven’t made it there yet! My teammates and I got to Chicage and had already boarded the plane to Allentown when we were told it had been canceled! No problem right? Well, in this city on this day, we couldn’t find ONE hotel room within a 50-mile radius of the airport! Crazy! Adam, Travis, Josiah and I took the subway last night in hope of walking into a hotel and finding better luck. Not the case though. After many miles of walking through the airport and threw the city, we turned around to find out spot on an airport provided Cot! It wouldn’t have been that bad, except that there was fine print that we didn’t read or hear! They woke us up this morning at 4am! We had to get out of their way and make our way to our gate. So, here I am still waiting for my flight at 9am this morning 😉 Lets just say that Starbucks and a scone seems rather tasty after the all night slumber party! I hope today goes better????


p6120059.jpg p6120060.jpgp6120056.jpg

My New Team Launches Website!

June 6, 2007

My new team, Momentum Cycling, has launched a great new website that is looking fantastic.  Thanks Peter!

Check it out:

A few podium shots :)

May 29, 2007


Venezuela Update

May 24, 2007

Just a quick update before the internet goes down!

I’m finished with racing now, but had a great 3 days of racing. I ended up with a win in the Keirin and a Silver in the Sprints. The Keirin was fantastic! The first round was just about testing out the track and seeing how well the track carried speed. I made it through and geared up for the Final. There were two girls that I was really watching in the final; Guerra (fast cuban) and Diana Garcia (columbian). Guerra has really great form, so I knew that the only scenerio I didn’t want was for her to be right on me. However, I drew 1st position and she got right behind in a bit of a fight. When the motor pulled, GArcia attacked over the top, but I fought to hold the lead and it was full on for the next two laps. Everyone was fighting to maintain position. Guerra started coming by in the last turn, but I fought to the line for a photo finish! I won on the better bike throw 😉

The Sprints came the next day. I qualified second and everything was smooth sailing til the South American virus hit me! I had the deadly stomache virus and could barely get through, but got on some antibiotics and the pink bottle of Pepto! The next day I was a bit better and had Contraras (mexican) in the semi’s. We went to three rides, but I got it in the end. And the final was against Guerra. It was very good tactically, but she had too good of form. I was happy with the silver medal. I came into the Continentals knowing that my form wouldn’t be great because of my extensive break after World Champs, so to come away with a gold and silver I was happy with that.

I’ll try and post pics when I get home. Gotta go to the track to cheer on the boys for Team Sprint and Colby and Brad in Madison.


Set to Go!

May 20, 2007

Today has been really relaxed.  I didn´t get on the track today.   I just hung around the hotel and rode rollers.  I have three days of racing ahead of me, so a day to rest the nervous system should work well. 

The excitement of the day consists of waiting for the elevator!  You can´t imagine how slow an elevator could possibly be until you´ve experienced this one.  And I happen to be staying on the 16th floor………yikes.  This whole trip is about testing your patience.  

I am feeling good for tomorrow´s Keirin.  It should be fun racing with the South Americans!  There will be some slicin and dicin out there I´m sure…………


May 19, 2007

We finally found internet!  Luckily, some taxi driver that Adam befriended showed us the way.  Through a cubby hole, into a demolished casino undergound, there lies a video/internet shop.  All 12 computers seem to be running off the same dial up.  Oh well, i will take it.

The track is not too bad.  Very bumpy with 44 degree turns and 15 degree straights, but keeps speed pretty nicely.  First day of doing some real efforts and it was good, that is, if you held your breath going through turn 2!  I don´t think venezuela got the memo about lead paint and all!  Just a few last minute preperations seem to be going on around the facility.  Who needs bathrooms anyway! 

I won´t complain, cause as long as we´re safe, I am happy.  We have been told by quite a few people that this country is one of the worst in the world.  We are not to leave the hotel or the velodrome area.  And we definetely can´t flash any super hot Oakleys walking down the street!  ç

Wish me luck on the walk back to the hotel.  I have three boys with me, so we should be good.