World Champion!!!




It’s crazy to think that I won the World Championships a week ago!!  It was such a thrilling experience to have everything come together in the most important competition of the year.   I don’t think I could have told anyone a year ago that I would win a World Title and stand on the podium of the Sprints in an Olympic year.  Especially, since I was ambivalent about my racing career and where it was going. 

I was about to retire a year ago, fairly satisfied with my bike racing career.  Since there was no longer a U.S. program, it was becoming difficult to continue to have an ideal training environment without any financial support.   Momentum Cycling started up at the perfect time and I was fortunate to have some awesome people around me that were willing to help in creating the ideal envirnment for performing at the World level.   I’ve had a ton of support from people at the Home Depot Center and Howard Marans.   But of course, it takes more than money to create the ideal situation.  I was approached by Andy Sparks about working with him a few times a week.  I was going to give the team pursuit a try.  He knew I always have had natural endurance and he also thought it would be good for my mind to focus on something different.  And it couldn’t hurt my sprint.  So, as I started to train a bit for team pursuit, and found myself really excited and also feeling super strong physically.  I seemed to improve heaps all around.  I had lots of fun warming up with Sarah Hammer and she’d lay down the comments in training about how I’d have to be quicker than her over the longer distances!  Of course, I wanted to impress her, so I was all business and came out of the blocks like a rock star!! 

Really, what blows my mind, is just how much has to come together at the right time to be on Top of the World!  And fortunately, I had all of those things culminate at the right time.  I had the financial backing of Howard Marans and Momentum Cycling and great training partners and awesome support staff.  My coach (Andy Sparks) exudes a focus and belief that radiates.  You can’t line up at the World Championships with just anyone.  Having someone that believes in you and is in the moment just as you are makes all the difference.  

To become a World Champion has been a dream of mine since I started racing at age 16  and to actually own my very own Rainbow Jersey is soo very cool!   

Thanks to everyone for reading and being a support! 



3 Responses to “World Champion!!!”

  1. Jen Triplett Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Jennie! It was great seeing you last night. You are such an inspiration and everyone is so proud of you and believe in you and your amazing ability. Keep it going!

  2. Jen Featheringill Says:

    Way to go, Jennie! You really deserved that win. Rock star!! Vicky has another thing coming for the Olympic games… We’re not having that “I’m not a match sprinter” stuff any more, BTW 🙂

  3. jo Says:

    Amazing to watch you in manchester. I was watchign on tv and have been so interested ever since. we have no velodrome here in ireland but i am definatly going to give it a try on my next trip abroad. Amazing, well done. So brilliant!

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