Pics from LA World Cup!!




4 Responses to “Pics from LA World Cup!!”

  1. Kalli Says:

    Jennie Reed!

    Kalli here… Laura’s old Marian roommate. I heard about your stellar performance last week and found your ‘blog. Congratulations! Glad to see that your season is coming along so well.

    If you have a chance, forward my email to Laura, would you? I’d love to catch up.

    dr.phillips at mac dot com

  2. John Says:

    Excelent job at Copenhagen. Maybe some pix?

    My daughter (racing age 10) saw you race at Marymoor once. She is all about track racing now.

  3. John "Bird" Beckman Says:

    Congrats from Mr. Announcer Person! You made my week, maybe my month!
    I hope to talk to you at Nationals. By then, of course, you will have been to the Olys and will have lots to talk about.

  4. Jason Garner Says:

    Congrats Jennie,

    World Champ,
    You are the Wo-man!

    Jason Garner

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