Sydney Keirin

I just finished the Keirin tonight with a Silver Medal!  I got beat to the line by Victoria Pendleton (World Champ)!  It was really close and exciting.   There were four of us side by side going down the home straight!  Third was Natalia Tsylnskya.  And I think Sanchez did a submarine maneuver and tried to sneak in on the blue band, so she was relegated from 4th to 6th. 

All of my rounds went fantastic.  I won both the first round and the semi-final.  I was feeling super strong all day. 

 I’m off to Beijing tomorrow for the second World Cup next weekend.   Gotta get some rest before then!


7 Responses to “Sydney Keirin”

  1. jen Triplett Says:

    Congrats Jennie! Way to go! Keep that momentum going in Beijing… I’ll be cheering for you!


  2. Julia Cross Says:

    Fantastic Job, Jennie!! The whole family is super duper excited for you!! 🙂


  3. Gwen Says:

    Way to go, Jennie!!!

  4. Iggy Silva ( Daddy) Says:

    great job ! You are doing awesome and you make the Iggy’s very proud of you. Yeah, we know Jenny Reed.
    Daddy Iggy

  5. Iggy Silva ( Daddy) Says:

    great job. We are very proud of you. Well deserved and I’m glad that you are riding strong. Keep up the great stuff.
    Daddy Iggy

  6. Jen Triplett Says:

    Congrats Jennie on your HUGE win this past weekend in LA! (And not to mention the match sprints!) I jumped out of my seat and hooped and hollered when I read the news. Way to go!!!!

  7. Jen Featheringill Says:

    You kicked some serious ass this weekend, girl! We knew from watching the qualifying rounds that you had the Keirin wrapped up, especially after watching you race the sprints on Friday. So confident! Portland will be cheering for you all the way to Manchester and Bejing!

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