Sydney World Cup #1

I just finished the Sprints at the first World Cup of the season!  It feels more like the World Championships, because everyone is here!  I think it will be like this for all four World Cups this season, being that everyone wants a shot at being top 9 in the World to qualify for Olympics. 

 I qualified 8th position with 11.41.  I was really happy with that, especially since I did 11.70 last year.  That put me right in the thick of things 🙂  The cut off time to make top 16 was 11.5, so everyone was on really good form.  My 1/8th final was against a Chinese rider, who also ran 11.4.  I took control from the front and kept her on my hip and won!  Then I was up against no. 1 seed Willy Kanis (Nederlands).  She rode a blazing 11.16!  The first ride was excellent and she couldn’t get by, so I took the win!  The second ride, Willy and I went head to head through 3 and 4 and she got me at the line.  Then, the third ride, I tried to correct any mistakes in the second ride and she really just had more speed than me.   They were three really tough rides and I was a bit gased at the end 😛  But luckily, we had a bit of time to get some sugar in before the 5-8th ride.

 The 5-8th ride seemed more like a final.  It was myself, Clara Sanchez (former World Champ), Simona (fast Lithuanian), and Victoria Pendleton (current world champ!).  I drew no. 1 position.  It was definitely a fight for the front, since it is hard to pass on this track.  Victoria tried to overtake me, but I fought to keep the front.  I held everyone off except Clara Sanchez, which put me 6th!  It was a great start to the season and I will build on this for Beijing in a week. 

Off to the track to watch some bike racing.  We have lots of Americans out there tonight! 

I will try and post some pics later.


One Response to “Sydney World Cup #1”

  1. kelly benjamin Says:

    good luck jennie – rip it up in the keirin! kb

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