National Champs!

Ok, so after a week of rest in Seattle, I am feeling good.  I didn’t have access to internet and didn’t try too hard to get it 🙂 so my update…………….. is a bit out of date!  Regardless, I’ll give you a late review.

I was looking forward to Nationals as a chance to see how my form is coming along and to have a bit of fun racing:P 

I won the Keirin and Sprints, but my main goal was to go for a good 200m TT.  I didn’t go as fast as I had expected, but it was still a decent start to the season.  I will build on that for the first World Cup in Sydney. 

By far the best experience from Nationals, was taking part in the first ever Women’s Team Pursuit!  I rode with Dotsie and Sarah and had a blast!  It was on the last day, so I had nothing else on my mind but to give it everything I had left.  I was a bit nervous to tell the truth because we had only done two efforts together in training as a team :O  And, we hadn’t practiced any one of the two efforts from a standing start!   Yikes!  Luckily, I had a feeling that it shouldn’t be a problem getting on Dotsies’ wheel and settling in.  I think we were all a bit nervous really and everyone wasn’t sure who would have good legs or great legs!  I was informed two days earlier that I had to finish the whole 3km with the other two girls!  I had never done a 3km effort before, so my game face was on 😛  The gate opened and Dotsie was putting every ounce of effort out, but not moving very fast! Her first pedal strokes were almost like she froze! She still did a decent opening lap, but we were laughing about it afterwards!  Then I pulled through for the second lap and my goals was to set the pace for everyone.  We got rolling pretty good and I just kept counting my pulls, waiting for my legs to implode!  I could hear the comentator talking about how “Jennie Reed is still in there” and thinking, “yeah, I’m in here sucka!”  LOL 🙂  Really, it was funny how well I heard every word he said.  And on my final pull with 2 laps to go, I heard Dotsie say something!  I knew that it may be that she was having a problem,  so I gradually pulled up and saw that she had gapped off Sarah’s wheel, so I swung down in front of her to fill in the gap!  We made it to the line in 3min 34seconds!  We were all happy with that.  Especially since Sarah is not on her “superwoman” form yet and Dotsie and myself have a few more laps to do in the aero bars!




One Response to “National Champs!”

  1. Ruff Says:

    Nice riding Jen!
    Fun catching up with your blog. Next time your in town drop me a line…

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