Sprint Win!


The last UCI race in T-town ended up being the best one!  I ended up winning the tournament, beating World Champion Anna Meares in the Final!  This was a fantastic win for me, considering, I have never beat her one on one.  I’ve bested her in a 5-8th sprint, but never in a match sprint. 

I also did a PR for the T-town track with an 11.72.  Anna was first with 11.59.  I was second with 11.72, Kerrie Meares was third with an 11.9, and Liz Reap was fourth with 12.1.  I met Kerrie in the semi-final and easily won.  She is a crafty sprinter, so it is always nice to come out on top against her!  I was feeling better than ever this night and had good energy and concentration for the final.  I lead the sprint from the front and used the whole track til the final 200m’s when I gave it my all.  Anna took a good run at me, but came up short at the line.  It was a close finish! 

Right after my sprint, I put on a huge gear and lined up for the UCI Scratch race.  A few attacks were made, but nothing too threatening and with 500m’s to go, I went to the front and lead it out, with Gina Grain (Canada) and Theresa Clif-Ryan on my wheel.  I managed to hold them off and take the Win!   My legs were hurting pretty good after that ;P

 It was a great few weeks of racing and it really motivated me for the coming World Cup season.   So, I’m back to LA  and to prepare for Nationals in about six weeks.  



4 Responses to “Sprint Win!”

  1. Jen Triplett Says:

    Nice job Jennie! That’s quite a double header. Congrats! You are such an inspiration.


  2. Sneaky Pete Says:

    Great Job Jennie! You are so talented and fun to watch you rub elbows with other cyclist going 38mph 🙂


  3. Mike Says:

    Hi there,

    Congratulations on the win! I was wondering if I could send you a few questions for a short interview.

    Email: airloop@gmail.com


  4. Anna Meares Says:

    Hey Jennie,

    Just wanted to say congrats to you on your wins at the Nationals! In particular the Team Pursuit!

    Man you can do everything! Great ride by the sounds of the write up you are one tough cookie. TT bars suit you! You should ride the 500….

    Hey when are you coming over to Aus for the World cup. Let me know and i’ll try catch up with you.


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