More T-town Racing……….

OK, so we’ve raced three out of the four races here in T-town, with one more to go! 

We raced the International Sprint GP on last Tuesday.  I haven’t done much work on 200m’s (ie. max speed), so I was interested to see where I was.  I qualified with 11.93, which put me second position behind Anna Meares, with 11.6.  Then it was Kerrie Meares with 11.9, but just a bit slower than myself.   Everything was easy until the semi’s, where I was up against Kerrie.  She is one of the craftiest women in the world, so I had to have a good plan.  I went to the front and track stood.  Kerrie left a lot of distance between the two of us, so after the stand still, I rolled off and with a lap and a quarter to go, I took off!  She chased me furiously, but I took the win!  Then I was up against the World Record Holder in the final!  Anna seems to always be on form, no matter what time of year!  With such a speed difference, I had to use my best tactics.  I drew 2nd position and took a run at Anna with 200m’s to go………… and it was a bike throw to the line!  She won with about a half a wheel.  Then the second ride I took the lead, and it was no contest, with Anna coming over the top, clearly with more speed.  It was a great night of racing and fun as well!



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