Keirin Night & 1-Mile Record!

Another Friday night of keirin racing 😉  One of my favorite events to ride!  With Anna & Kerrie Meares being the only world class riders, it was tough to come up with a plan to beat them to the line!  The speed is much slower than the World Cups, which makes it favor the sisters.  Anna has such good accelleration, that I would not have a chance if it came down to the last 200m’s.  So, when the motor pulled, I went full gas from the back!  Kerrie threw a bit of a hook on my way past the field, but I was committed.   Anna got caught up a bit behind other riders and the chase was on.  I buried my head and didn’t look back!  However, the girls caught me and I ended up third!  Oh well, it was a bit of fun and good to go for a crowd pleaser as well 🙂

Then I raced a 5-mile Scratch race and won!  Mostly endurance rider like Vera Carrara (World Champion in Points), Gina Grain and Iona Wynter-Parks.  I tried to be pretty active and got in a break with Ashley Kimmet with 7 laps to go, but we got caught, so it was recovery til the final push!  I was on the front with 2 laps to go, so it was a keirin razor for me!  My legs were hurting, but I wasn’t going to give up and I won!  I was exhausted, but we still had to race the 1-mile! And we weren’t just going to race it. We wanted to break the track record of 1min 56sec.  The two italian girls took to the front the first few laps and then the Meares sisters picked up the pace even more!  I was struggling just sitting behind, but with a lap to go, I gave it everything and came around Anna for the win and New Track Record of 1min 50.1sec!  It was a great effort and should be cool to have my name in the records in T-town!

One more Friday Night coming up……………



One Response to “Keirin Night & 1-Mile Record!”

  1. Molly Says:

    CONGRATS!!!! Sounds like you had a blast and pushed through your physical thresh hold and it paid off!! You did a great job and should feel very proud of yourself for your great accomplishment!!! I am so glad you were able to shatter that record. Keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to seeing more posts!

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