Back to T-town!

Just arrived T-town a few days ago, just in time for one of the hottest & humid days ever!  The guys (Travis, Adam & Josiah) and myself were  supposed to stay 20min. away from the track with one AC unit!  Yeah, right!  I cracked after one night of three hours of sleep and opted to stay at Fred & Hilda’s (Phoenix Timing) pad next to the velodrome.  Fresh sheets, an automatic Saeco esspresso machine and a well stocked industrial style kitchen 😉  And well equipped with central air!  I think this place will suit me just fine for the next few weeks..

We had the first night of racing last night- the Festival of Speed.   There are quite a few internationals here and it almost makes it feel like a World Cup.  The Aussies, Dutch, Kiwis, and South Americans.  I raced the Keirin yesterday with two women to watch out for-the aussie duo of Anna Meares & Kerrie Meares.  I drew 5th position from the line and got that same position after a bit of bumping with Kerrie.  I tried to split the sisters, but it didn’t happen.  I knew that if Anna lead it out and Kerrie swept, more than likely I wouldn’t be able to get around them both.  As the motor pulled off, I went underneath Kerrie in an attempt to get on Anna’s wheel, but as I went under Kerrie, Anna moved up just enough that I couldn’t get between them and so instead, I went under both of them!  Nobody was committing at the front, so I started to wind it up and pass over 1 & 2, while trying to hold off Anna & Kerrie.  Anna took a good run and came over with her sis in tow!  Kerrie & I fought for 2nd with Kerrie beating me to the line and Anna taking the win.   My form isn’t too great yet, but this is quality racing & training for the World Cups.

In a few days, I’ll be racing the International Sprint GP where I’ll race Match Sprints.  It will be good to see how my accelleration & power is coming along……….



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