Colorado Springs Training Camp ;P

Well, I just finished a two week training camp, ending with the UCI Independence Day Grand Prix.  It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time, while working so hard.  For about a week, I participated in the Women’s Team Pursuit Camp, headed by Andy Sparks.  There were seven women there:  Kristen Armstrong (World TT Champion), Lauren Franges, Cori Seehafer, Katie Compton,  Kim Geist, Brook Miller and myself.  I hadn’t been in aero bars for about ten years, so it was a little weird to try and get power from that position, although Sarah Hammer and Andy told me that I actually looked quite aero!  Good to know 😉  We started off with doing lots of flying 1500’s and standing 2000m’s.  We didn’t get too caught up in being efficient at the technical stuff and just put the power down to get a training response.  My job was to try and drop the road girls off my wheel during my pull on the front!  I managed to gap Kristen and she told me that she isn’t exactly used to being dropped off a wheel, but I am sure she’d have me gapped a bit more in a road TT! 

It was a really motivating atmosphere and all of these women were really excited to be a part of such a great training group.  And since the women’s team pursuit is going to be a new event in the 2008 World Championships, everyone wants to have a go at being a part of what could be an incredible team.  I was the only “sprinter” at the camp and was mainly there to give the group a little more power and push the limit with speed.  Andy wanted the girls to increase their power during this short camp and if I could possibly help in that, it was good.   The focus was on the road nationals coming up this week for the women, and for me, since I am in my preperation phase, it didn’t hurt me. 

I finished the camp with racing the UCI GP in the sprints and keirin.  I was quite tired after such different training, but it went ok and I road an 11.5 200m TT.  It wasn’t bad, considering my fatigue level and the cold weather conditions.  The racing wasn’t world class, but there were a few internationals there, so I gained some valuable UCI points.

Here are a few pics from the trip………………….





2 Responses to “Colorado Springs Training Camp ;P”

  1. Beth Says:

    Hi Jennie-Thanks so much for coming to Hellyer this past weekend. It was such an honor to be racing with you, especially for a newbie like myself. Having you there really made the event special. We’ve never had so many women racing on our track, so that was really cool too. I can’t wait to write in my Christmas cards that I match sprinted against an Olympian! Good luck to you as your season is starting and hope you kick some major ass! I hope that you can make it to our track next year too! Thanks again! -Beth

  2. that cat 4 guy Says:

    I have only seen you once in person. You are very beautiful and have a great smile. Good luck in your pursuit of olympic gold

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