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T-town Race Update

June 21, 2007

Ok, it feels like I’ve been super busy since I’ve been in T-town and I haven’t been much of a computer junkie 😉 I’ve raced two UCI races thus far and have one more tomorrow (Friday). Last friday was the Keirin and a few bunch races and yesterday was a full sprint tournament. Hartwell has done a pretty good job at trying to bring in international riders for these races, but it’s still lacking in the women’s field. Christin Muche is here and she is a World Class rider, so I was still excited to race. Although, without 6 world class women, the dynamics in the keirin aren’t the same. I drew 4 th position with Muche getting right on my wheel. When the motor pulled, the pace didn’t go as high as normal, so I went over the top with 500m to go. I controlled the speed and gave it a good run to the line, but Muche got me on the line! Then to the Sprints a few days later…………the first day we got in the 200m and the evening brought a huge rain storm! It was such a relief though, because it was soooooooo hot here and our housing doesn’t have AC! The next day was fantastic weather and I was feeling excited to race. In the first ride against Muche, I took the lead from Muche in turn 3 a lap to go and controlled the speed, keeping Much in sight and not committing to full speed. She took a run out of 2, but I held her on the hip and went for the line in a photo finish! And won! Ride 2 was almost identical, but she got me at the line. Then to a final ride where I decided to try a new trick 😉 I drew 1st position, but forced Muche to the front with a track stand. I pushed from behind going into turn 2, Muche left the door open and I dove for the lane. We went down the back straight side by side and before the turn, she left no room for me underneath and closed the lane. I would have crashed if I had went for it on the inside and since this is a small race in comparison to the season, I backed out. The officials talked about it for 10minutes and decided that they would keep it as so because the corner offical said my move was too fast that he didn’t see it! Ok, never heard that before, but that is how it goes sometimes. Too bad the officials weren’t awake! At the end of the day, it was great racing and I had a blast ;P

Here’s a pic of my teammates and me at a yummie dinner……………



Stuck in Chicago!

June 13, 2007

What a crazy two days! I was in the process of traveling to T-town to chase Olympic points and haven’t made it there yet! My teammates and I got to Chicage and had already boarded the plane to Allentown when we were told it had been canceled! No problem right? Well, in this city on this day, we couldn’t find ONE hotel room within a 50-mile radius of the airport! Crazy! Adam, Travis, Josiah and I took the subway last night in hope of walking into a hotel and finding better luck. Not the case though. After many miles of walking through the airport and threw the city, we turned around to find out spot on an airport provided Cot! It wouldn’t have been that bad, except that there was fine print that we didn’t read or hear! They woke us up this morning at 4am! We had to get out of their way and make our way to our gate. So, here I am still waiting for my flight at 9am this morning 😉 Lets just say that Starbucks and a scone seems rather tasty after the all night slumber party! I hope today goes better????


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My New Team Launches Website!

June 6, 2007

My new team, Momentum Cycling, has launched a great new website that is looking fantastic.  Thanks Peter!

Check it out: