Venezuela Update

Just a quick update before the internet goes down!

I’m finished with racing now, but had a great 3 days of racing. I ended up with a win in the Keirin and a Silver in the Sprints. The Keirin was fantastic! The first round was just about testing out the track and seeing how well the track carried speed. I made it through and geared up for the Final. There were two girls that I was really watching in the final; Guerra (fast cuban) and Diana Garcia (columbian). Guerra has really great form, so I knew that the only scenerio I didn’t want was for her to be right on me. However, I drew 1st position and she got right behind in a bit of a fight. When the motor pulled, GArcia attacked over the top, but I fought to hold the lead and it was full on for the next two laps. Everyone was fighting to maintain position. Guerra started coming by in the last turn, but I fought to the line for a photo finish! I won on the better bike throw 😉

The Sprints came the next day. I qualified second and everything was smooth sailing til the South American virus hit me! I had the deadly stomache virus and could barely get through, but got on some antibiotics and the pink bottle of Pepto! The next day I was a bit better and had Contraras (mexican) in the semi’s. We went to three rides, but I got it in the end. And the final was against Guerra. It was very good tactically, but she had too good of form. I was happy with the silver medal. I came into the Continentals knowing that my form wouldn’t be great because of my extensive break after World Champs, so to come away with a gold and silver I was happy with that.

I’ll try and post pics when I get home. Gotta go to the track to cheer on the boys for Team Sprint and Colby and Brad in Madison.



5 Responses to “Venezuela Update”

  1. Molly Says:

    GOOD JOB JENNIE! Congrats!!! You ROCK! I am happy to be catching up on all the excitement through your blog. Keep blogging and keep kickin’ butt out there! On to the next new adventure and I hope you enjoy all of them.

  2. sue Says:

    way to go!!! can’t wait to talk. everyone has been watching and your buzz is around the beelevue club!
    see you soon

  3. kelly benjamin Says:

    nice work jennie! KB

  4. woody Says:

    Great job Jennie. The racing has started at Marymoor. The fields are huge. I look forward to when you get back home.

  5. David Mann Says:

    Great Job at Pan Am Jennie!

    I hope you get a chance to recover and can make it up to Redmond for the July 27-28 FSA Grand Prix. Its the week after the Helyer event. You can check out the website — Bigger purse this year than last ($14,000). Let me know if you have any questions. It would be nice to have you “home” Dave

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