Set to Go!

Today has been really relaxed.  I didn´t get on the track today.   I just hung around the hotel and rode rollers.  I have three days of racing ahead of me, so a day to rest the nervous system should work well. 

The excitement of the day consists of waiting for the elevator!  You can´t imagine how slow an elevator could possibly be until you´ve experienced this one.  And I happen to be staying on the 16th floor………yikes.  This whole trip is about testing your patience.  

I am feeling good for tomorrow´s Keirin.  It should be fun racing with the South Americans!  There will be some slicin and dicin out there I´m sure…………



4 Responses to “Set to Go!”

  1. KeleKeleBoBelly Says:

    Hey girly, NICE JOB in the Kerin!!! Sounds like you made it back to the hotel! Don’t catch any new diseases down there! I’m lovein the blog. YOU ARE SO ADDICTED, I can tell cause you blogged in a foriegn country, in some underground internet cafe…I know the feeling!! Keep the stories rollin!

  2. Sneaky Pete Says:

    Congrats on the win Jenny. Way to go and see you soon back in So. Cal.

  3. Dad Says:

    Just read the results on Velo News. Everyone knew before I did so Gentry told me. He was totally pumped and said to tell you ‘way to go’. You are the best.

    love dad

  4. Dad Says:

    . You are the best.

    love dad

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