We finally found internet!  Luckily, some taxi driver that Adam befriended showed us the way.  Through a cubby hole, into a demolished casino undergound, there lies a video/internet shop.  All 12 computers seem to be running off the same dial up.  Oh well, i will take it.

The track is not too bad.  Very bumpy with 44 degree turns and 15 degree straights, but keeps speed pretty nicely.  First day of doing some real efforts and it was good, that is, if you held your breath going through turn 2!  I don´t think venezuela got the memo about lead paint and all!  Just a few last minute preperations seem to be going on around the facility.  Who needs bathrooms anyway! 

I won´t complain, cause as long as we´re safe, I am happy.  We have been told by quite a few people that this country is one of the worst in the world.  We are not to leave the hotel or the velodrome area.  And we definetely can´t flash any super hot Oakleys walking down the street!  ç

Wish me luck on the walk back to the hotel.  I have three boys with me, so we should be good. 



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  1. Sneaky Pete Says:

    I think you could protect the boys. Venezuela has sure gotten bad. I’ve visited there many times when I was a kid and it was really nice.

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