Settl’in In

Our house in Long Beach is finally feeling like a cozy home and a great place to come back to after long, hard training sessions.  My teammate Adam & I have managed to make it quite nice, considering our goal was to spend as little as possible.  Thank You Craigslist! 

The last couple of weeks I’ve been getting back to usual training.  Normally after World Championships, I can start training without much intensity, however, this year, I have to contest the Continental Championships in Valencia, Venezuela on May 21-24th.   Although, it will be really tough to be on great form, it will be crucial that I score some points towards an Olympic start position next year.  This is the first of many UCI races that award points towards an Olympic berth.  This means I’ve had to get back into the heavy gym work and heavy sessions on the track.    I was out of the gym for 7 weeks, including my lead up to Worlds and my time off after the Worlds, so it has been quite a shock to my body!   However, I am really excited to do work in the gym with our two new weight coaches.   Two really great guys that are going to be working with Momentum Cycling leading up to Olympics.  My first session with them, I improved my Power Clean heaps!  I did my old max for 3 sets of 3 reps easily!  I can’t wait to go for a new max next week.   



2 Responses to “Settl’in In”

  1. iamaustincarroll Says:

    hey hey HI you are now a BLOGER wow you with a blog kool funny face lol

  2. kelly benjamin Says:

    yo jones! nice house, i wanna come and visit you guys sometime. glad things are going your way man – rip it up in vz. take it easy, kb

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