A NEW Year!

Hi Everyone,

 Since I am so bad at emailing friends and family, I though I’d finally cave in to the tech world and post a blog.  It happens to come at a time when I just had a great break following the World Championships  and am getting everything set for the next 15 months.  Can’t belive it’s only 15months until the 2008 Beijing Olympics ;p  I’ve never had a better set up for training, coaching and recovery.  I’m living in Long Beach, CA now with my teammate Adam Duvendeck.  I am a part of the new UCI Momentum Cycling Team.  We have this great house on the beach.  The team is myself, Adam, Travis Smith of Canada and Joisah Ng of Malaysia.   We all live super close to each other, so it should be an ideal situation for preparation.  

I’m posting some pics of how I spent my break.  I only get a few weeks out of the year to do whatever I desire, so I chose to spend a few days in Joshua Tree National Park and Mt. Jacinto.  I’ve never spent any time in the desert, so it was very new and exciting to me.  California has so much to offer with the desert, the ocean and the mountains.  And Mt. Jacinto is the second highest Peaks in Southern California, so I got a feel for home in the Alpine forest at the top.  It was just what I needed to freshen my mind for a new year and new season 🙂




Joshua Tree National Park


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